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Plastic Expansion Tank

Plastic expansion tanks are integral components of a vehicle's cooling system, housing the coolant fill cap, and facilitating the expansion and contraction of coolant as the engine temperature fluctuates. However, these tanks are susceptible to damage, particularly with regard to the small diameter outlet hose connections.

It is not uncommon for the outlet hoses to break away from the expansion tank over time, especially due to factors like age, heat, and vibration. When this occurs, it can have detrimental effects on the vehicle's cooling system.

A broken outlet hose prevents the cooling system from holding pressure effectively, leading to potential coolant leaks and engine overheating. Moreover, the loss of pressure can result in the expulsion of engine coolant from under the vehicle, posing environmental hazards and increasing the risk of engine damage.

Recognising the signs of a damaged plastic expansion tank, such as coolant leaks or visible cracks, is crucial for vehicle owners. Prompt action to address any issues with the expansion tank can help prevent further damage and ensure the proper functioning of the cooling system.

For expert assistance in diagnosing and repairing issues with plastic expansion tanks and other components of the cooling system, consider consulting automotive professionals like Abbotts Auto Care. Their experienced technicians can accurately identify the issue and provide the necessary repairs to maintain the integrity and reliability of your vehicle's cooling system.