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Holden Cruze JK 1.8L Engine, Radiator Cooling Fan Will Only Operate On High Speed

Keep Your Holden Cruze Cool: Abbotts Auto Care's Recipe for a Smooth Ride

Hey there, fellow car enthusiasts! We've got a common issue on our hands today that might resonate with many of you – a Holden Cruze JK with a 1.8L engine, and a radiator cooling fan that insists on running at full speed. It's a puzzle that can leave you feeling like your car's in overdrive. But don't worry, because Abbotts Auto Care is here to show you why regular servicing is your ticket to a worry-free drive!

Chasing the Cool Breeze

Picture this: you're cruising in your trusty Holden Cruze JK, but something just doesn't feel right. The radiator cooling fan is stuck in high gear, running at full speed when it's not supposed to. It's not just a mild inconvenience; it's a problem that can lead to damage if left unaddressed.

This is the very situation one of our valued customers encountered with their Holden Cruze.

Getting to the Root of It

At Abbotts Auto Care, we're all about solving the mysteries of car issues. We began by scanning the car's engine computer system to understand the fan's operation. What did we find? Stage one and two fan speeds were not functioning as they should. Ideally, as the coolant temperature rises, the fan should operate in stages.

But in this case, the fan was stuck at full speed, a situation that can be damaging in the long run.

The Solution in Sight

To restore the Holden Cruze's cooling system to its optimal state, we took action. Our expert team removed and replaced the radiator, which was the key to resolving the issue. The fan speed resistor control, responsible for fan speed regulation, is integrated into the radiator assembly.

In addition to the radiator replacement, we performed a complete cooling system flush and replaced the coolant. Then, we started the engine and let it reach its operating temperature. As the thermostat opened, we monitored the scan tool to ensure the cooling fan was functioning at all three speeds as it should.

Regular Servicing: Your Partner in Smooth Driving

This story highlights the importance of regular servicing. By keeping up with routine maintenance, you can prevent such issues from taking you by surprise. In this case, it saved our customer from potential damage to the electric fan motor.

At Abbotts Auto Care, we're not pushy, but we're passionate about helping you keep your vehicle running like a dream. Trust us for all your car needs, and hit the road with peace of mind. Regular servicing isn't just a suggestion; it's a guarantee of a smooth ride!