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Hyundai I-30 2013 GD 1.6LD4FB Engine 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel,Massive Oil Leak From Rear Of Engine

Abbotts Auto Care - Tackling the Titanic Oil Leak in a Hyundai I-30

We've all been there - that dreaded moment when you spot a massive oil puddle underneath your vehicle. In the case of a Hyundai I-30, it was no different. But thanks to the experts at Abbotts Auto Care, this oil leak had met its match.

Oil Leak Mayhem

Picture this: a 2013 Hyundai I-30 with a 1.6L D4FB 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. You've got places to go, but there's a colossal oil leak wreaking havoc at the rear of your engine. It's an automotive nightmare that can't be ignored.

The Abbotts Auto Care Solution

Here's how Abbotts Auto Care took charge:

Hands-on Inspection:

The first step was to hoist the vehicle and remove the under trays to gain a clear view of the problem. This allowed the team to assess the oil leak accurately.


Oil contamination is a sticky mess. Abbotts Auto Care thoroughly degreased the affected area, getting rid of any oil buildup to start with a clean slate.

Locating the Culprit:

With the vehicle running, a closer look revealed the source of the issue. The turbo's primary oil seal had given in, leading to this massive oil leak.

Turbo Replacement:

The verdict was clear - the only solution was to replace the turbo. Abbotts Auto Care executed this with precision, ensuring that the Hyundai I-30 was oil-leak free once more.

The Importance of Regular Servicing

This story underscores the critical role of regular servicing. Issues like oil leaks might be detected and resolved before they turn into massive headaches. As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure.

Choose the Right Path

The owner of this Hyundai I-30 made the right choice by seeking help from Abbotts Auto Care. Ignoring such significant leaks could lead to further complications, both in terms of safety and finances.

Abbotts Auto Care's expertise and swift action not only resolved the colossal oil leak but also restored peace of mind to the Hyundai I-30 owner. The key takeaway here is that regular servicing can save you from facing such major issues in the first place.

So, the next time you notice an oil leak, don't ignore it. Reach out to professionals like Abbotts Auto Care, and you'll be back on the road without a trail of oil in no time.