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kia sorento unwanted break noise

Abbotts Auto Care: Ending the Morning Brake Symphony in Your Kia Sorento

We've all been there – that unwelcome morning ritual of your Kia Sorento 2017 UM 2.2L Turbo Diesel serenading you with brake noise on the first application. It's like an unwanted wake-up call for your ears. But don't fret, Abbotts Auto Care is here to tell you why regular servicing is your key to a quieter morning drive.

When Brakes Break the Silence

Imagine starting your day with a peaceful drive in your Kia Sorento, only to be greeted by an unpleasant noise when you hit the brakes for the first time. It's not the harmony you want to hear in the morning. This was the situation faced by one of our customers, and it's a testament to how regular servicing can make your mornings more pleasant.

Investigating the Morning Brake Symphony

At Abbotts Auto Care, we love solving car enigmas. To address the morning brake noise, we removed the front wheels and took a closer look at the brake pads and rotors.

What did we find? The brake pads were only half worn, but the rotors had a glazed surface. Further research revealed that the brake pads originally fitted were of the cheaper variety.

Bringing Back the Peace

With the issue pinpointed, we took action. We discussed the situation with the customer, and they agreed to have us fit quality ceramic brake pads and machine the rotors. Additionally, we ensured the calliper slides were properly lubricated. After reassembly, we conducted a road test.

One week later, the customer reported no brake noise in the morning.

The Power of Regular Servicing

This story underscores the importance of regular servicing. It's not about being pushy; it's about persuading you that servicing can save you from unwelcome morning brake symphonies, just as it did for our customer.

At Abbotts Auto Care, we're not just experts; we're your partners in keeping your vehicle running quietly. Trust us for all your car needs, and start your day with the peaceful drive you deserve. With regular servicing, you can leave the morning brake noise behind and enjoy a smoother ride every time!