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Mazda 2, 2012 KJ 1.5 Engine, Loud Knock From Under Steering Wheel While Driving

Abbotts Auto Care: Steering Toward Silence in Your Mazda 2

Greetings, fellow drivers! Today, we're here to discuss a peculiar issue that many of us might have encountered - a loud knock coming from under the steering wheel while driving your trusty Mazda 2, 2012 KJ 1.5.

It's like your car has developed an unsettling habit of knocking, but don't worry, Abbotts Auto Care is here to shed light on the importance of regular servicing in keeping your ride smooth and silent.

Chasing the Source of Noise

Imagine you're driving your Mazda 2, and every turn of the steering wheel is accompanied by a disconcerting knock from beneath the steering shaft. It's not just an annoyance; it's a distraction from the joy of driving.

A concerned customer brought their car to us with the same issue - a loud and persistent knock from under the steering wheel. We knew it was time to investigate.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem

At Abbotts Auto Care, we believe in tackling issues at their core. We carefully removed the covers under the steering shaft and began moving the steering wheel from side to side until we identified the source of the knocking noise. It turned out to be the universal joint on the steering shaft.

The solution was clear - we had to replace the steering shaft with a genuine Mazda part. Our skilled technicians got to work, and once the new shaft was in place, we hit the road for a test drive.

Silencing the Knock

The result was music to our ears - the knock was gone, and our customer's Mazda 2 was once again a quiet and pleasant companion on the road.

The Power of Regular Servicing

This case exemplifies the importance of regular servicing. By addressing issues promptly, you not only ensure a quiet and smooth ride but also save money on unexpected repairs down the road.

At Abbotts Auto Care, we're not just experts in cars; we're your partners in keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. Trust us for all your automotive needs and enjoy a noise-free drive. Remember, regular servicing is the key to preventing unexpected disruptions and costly repairs.