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Mazda CX-3, 2016 2.0L Engine. Stop Start System No Longer Working

Abbotts Auto Care: Reviving Your Mazda CX-3 Stop-Start System

Hello, fellow Mazda CX-3 owners! Today, we're addressing a common concern that can leave you scratching your head - a non-functional Stop-Start system in your trusty 2016 2.0L engine. But fret not, because Abbotts Auto Care is here to share the importance of regular servicing in keeping your vehicle in top shape.

When Silence Overwhelms

Imagine yourself at a stoplight, your Mazda CX-3's engine purring like a contented cat, ready to leap forward at your command. But here's the twist - your Stop-Start system, once an obedient companion, now remains silent. It's like a loyal friend suddenly going mute.

Recently, a Mazda CX-3 owner reached out to us, troubled by the inexplicable hush that had befallen their Stop-Start system. It was time for us to roll up our sleeves and find the solution.

Cracking the Code

At Abbotts Auto Care, we know that even the quietest troubles can reveal themselves through a scan of the car's system. And voilà, the diagnosis showed a low battery code. It seemed that the culprit behind the silent treatment was an underperforming battery.

The Power of a Strong Heart

Our team didn't stop at the code; we went the extra mile. A load test confirmed our suspicion - the battery's voltage was below the minimum required to power the Stop-Start function. It was clear that a battery replacement was in order, but not just any battery.

We replaced the old battery with a specialized Stop-Start battery designed to handle the unique demands of the system. With the new heart of the vehicle in place, we put it to the test.

Regular Servicing: The Hero of the Day

The outcome was music to our ears - the Stop-Start system sprang back to life, ready to assist the driver and save on fuel during those frequent stop-and-go city drives.

This case underlines the importance of regular servicing. By addressing issues proactively, like keeping your battery in top condition, you not only revive a crucial system but also save yourself from unexpected repair costs.

At Abbotts Auto Care, we're not just car enthusiasts; we're your partners in maintaining a reliable ride. Trust us with your vehicle, and remember - regular servicing is your key to a harmonious journey on the road.