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Mitsubishi ASX 2016 2.0L Engine,  Starter Motor Makes A Grinding Noise But Will Not Start The Engine

Abbotts Auto Care: Breathing Life Back into Your Mitsubishi ASX

Greetings to all Mitsubishi ASX owners! Today, we're diving into a common hiccup that can put a dent in your day: when the starter motor of your 2016 2.0L engine grinds but doesn't ignite your trusty steed. Fear not; Abbotts Auto Care is here with a friendly reminder of the importance of regular servicing to keep your vehicle in top shape.

The Agony of a Stubborn Starter

Imagine this: you're ready to hit the road, you turn the key, and the starter motor makes an unsettling grinding noise. It's a heart-sinking moment, especially if your engine doesn't come to life.

One day, a Mitsubishi ASX owner came to us with this exact predicament. Their starter motor was playing hard to get, and it was time for our experts to unravel the mystery.

The Path to Resurrection

At Abbotts Auto Care, we always start with a methodical approach. We checked the battery's state of charge and voltage at the starter motor. Then, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

The battery terminals needed some TLC, so we cleaned them up and retested the voltage at the starter motor. But, unfortunately, the starter still refused to cooperate.

A Breath of Fresh Life

In situations like these, it's essential to get to the heart of the issue. We removed the inlet manifold, took out the stubborn starter motor, and replaced it with a brand-new one. A few twists and turns later, the engine roared to life, and the problem was officially solved.

The Moral of the Story

Why did this issue happen in the first place? Like many things in life, starter motors can wear out over time. This is why regular servicing is your car's best friend. With routine check-ups and maintenance, potential issues can be spotted and addressed before they become showstoppers.

At Abbotts Auto Care, we're not just in the business of fixing cars; we're here to help you prevent problems and keep your Mitsubishi ASX running smoothly. So remember, regular servicing is your secret weapon to save money on unexpected repairs.