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Nissan Dualis 2009 J10, Engine Overheating In Traffic

Cool Cruising: Abbotts Auto Care Rescues Nissan Dualis 2009 J10 from Traffic Heatwaves!

Buckle up for the journey. Your Nissan Dualis shouldn't feel the burn of engine overheating in traffic, especially on scorching days. We've got the solution to keep your engine cool and your rides stress-free.

Hot Hurdles: Creeping Temperatures on Traffic Days

Picture this: hot days in traffic, and your temperature gauge inching closer to the danger zone. It's a scenario we all dread. Our customer faced it too, but Abbotts Auto Care was ready to tackle the heat.

Detective Work: Checking for Gasket Leaks and Fan Operation

No gasket leaks? Check! Our team used a four-gas analyser to rule out any head gasket issues. With that out of the way, we hit the streets, driving the Nissan Dualis in traffic until the temperature spiked. Back in the workshop, we uncovered the culprit – the cooling fan wasn't doing its job.

Cooling Rescuer: Fixing the Faulty Fan Speed Resistor

The verdict? A faulty fan speed resistor. But worry not, we swiftly replaced it with a genuine Nissan resistor. Problem solved. Your Nissan Dualis was back to breezy rides, even in the toughest traffic jams.

Preventive Power: Regular Servicing for Trouble-Free Trips

Now, let's talk about the hero in this tale – regular servicing. It's not just about fixing problems when they arise; it's about preventing them altogether. Your vehicle deserves the care that comes with routine check-ups. Abbotts Auto Care is your ally, ensuring your Nissan Dualis cruises smoothly through every traffic obstacle.

Keep Your Cool with Abbotts Auto Care

Your Nissan Dualis deserves a break from traffic-induced heat stress, and Abbotts Auto Care is here to deliver. From detecting issues to precision fixes, we're your partners in ensuring your engine stays cool and your rides stay breezy. Remember, regular servicing isn't just advice; it's the key to a reliable and trouble-free journey. Trust Abbotts Auto Care to keep your Nissan Dualis cruising with confidence!