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Nissan Dualis 2012 J10 2.0L Engine, Brake Vibration

Smooth Stop: Abbotts Auto Care Navigates Nissan Dualis 2012 J10 Through Brake Vibration Woes!

Embark on a journey where brake vibrations meet their match. When your brakes start to shimmy, Abbotts Auto Care is here to steer you toward smooth stops and hassle-free drives.

Vibrations Unveiled: Nissan Dualis 2012 J10 2.0L Engine, Brake Vibration Woes

When brake vibrations try to shake your drive, Abbotts Auto Care steps in to keep your stops seamless.

Diagnostic Drive: Road Testing to Pinpoint the Shake

The journey begins with a diagnostic drive, where we road test the vehicle to experience the brake vibration firsthand. Abbotts Auto Care believes in understanding the rhythm of your drive before crafting the perfect brake solution.

Hoisted Inspection: Unveiling the Brake Secrets

With the Nissan Dualis lifted on a hoist, we removed the front and rear wheels to reveal the brake secrets. The front brake pads were worn out, and the discs were badly scored and undersized. In the rear, the pads were worn but the discs still had enough thickness to be machined.

Smooth Solutions: Front Brake Pads and Discs, Rear Brake Pads with Machining

The remedy was a symphony of solutions – replacement of the front brake pads and discs, and the rear brake pads along with precision machining of the discs. A road test confirmed we had silenced the customer's brake vibration problems.

Preventive Harmony: Regular Servicing Paves the Way

Let's talk preventive maintenance – the heart of our theme. Regular servicing isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. It's the tune-up that keeps your brakes in harmony, preventing unexpected hiccups down the road.

Conclusion: Keep the Stops Smooth with Abbotts Auto Care

Your Nissan Dualis deserves smooth stops, and Abbotts Auto Care is here to ensure just that. From unraveling brake mysteries to crafting the perfect tune with regular servicing, we're your partners in ensuring vibration-free drives. Remember, regular servicing isn't just about fixing problems; it's about preventing them. Trust Abbotts Auto Care to keep your Nissan Dualis cruising with seamless stops!