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Ignition System Contamination

Ignition coil packs and spark plugs are integral components of a vehicle's engine, responsible for initiating combustion and powering the vehicle. However, these vital parts are susceptible to oil contamination, primarily stemming from failed spark plug seals. When these seals deteriorate, they allow oil to seep into the ignition system, leading to issues such as reduced engine power and the illumination of the engine check light.

For many vehicle owners, the first indication of ignition system contamination is a noticeable decrease in engine performance accompanied by the engine check light turning on. These symptoms can be alarming, highlighting the importance of addressing potential issues promptly.

Regular servicing plays a crucial role in identifying and mitigating the risk of ignition system contamination. During routine maintenance checks, skilled technicians can inspect the condition of spark plug seals and ignition components, ensuring they remain free from oil leaks and other forms of damage.

Neglecting to address ignition system contamination can lead to more severe engine issues, including misfires, rough idling, and ultimately, engine failure. To safeguard engine performance and prevent costly repairs, it's essential to prioritise regular servicing and maintenance.

For expert assistance in diagnosing and resolving ignition system contamination issues, consider consulting professionals like Abbotts Auto Care. Their experienced technicians can provide comprehensive servicing and ensure your vehicle's ignition system remains in optimal condition, preserving engine performance and reliability.