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Oil Leaks

Oil leaks pose serious hazards on the road, especially when they create slick surfaces during rainy conditions, endangering both you and other motorists. Identifying the source of these leaks is crucial, considering they could originate from various components such as the engine, power steering pump, gearbox, transmission, or hoses. Failure to address these leaks promptly can lead to catastrophic consequences, including engine failure or even fires in the engine compartment.

Rubber gasket failure, often exacerbated by high operating temperatures, is a common culprit behind engine oil leaks. Regular servicing can help detect and rectify these leaks before they escalate into major issues, safeguarding both your vehicle's performance and your safety.

Differentiating the leaked oil's colour provides valuable insights into its source, with black indicating engine oil, red suggesting power steering or transmission fluid, and clear yellow-brown pointing to manual transmission or transfer case oil. Addressing these leaks pre-emptively can prevent costly repairs down the line.

Additionally, components like ignition coil packs and spark plugs can suffer from oil contamination, leading to reduced engine power and triggering the engine check light. Regular servicing is vital for detecting and mitigating such issues before they escalate.

While overlooked by many, brake hoses are equally susceptible to oil contamination, manifesting as blisters or bubbles on their surface. Prompt replacement of compromised hoses is essential to maintain brake system integrity and ensure safe driving.

For comprehensive diagnosis and reliable solutions to address oil leaks and their associated risks, seeking assistance from experienced professionals like Abbotts Auto Care is essential.