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Subaru Forester 2008 EJ25 Engine. Thumping Noise And Vehicle Lurches When Doing U Turns On Full Steering Lock

Abbotts Auto Care: Turning 'Thumps' into Smooth U-Turns for Your Subaru Forester

Greetings to all the road adventurers out there! Today, we're delving into a common issue that can turn your smooth U-turns into a lurching nightmare in your trusty Subaru Forester 2008 EJ25 engine. Abbotts Auto Care is here to illuminate the importance of regular servicing to ensure every turn you make is as smooth as a symphony.

When the U-Turns Bring Unwanted 'Thumps'

Picture this: you're navigating the streets, and a U-turn is on the horizon. As you crank the steering wheel to full lock, an unsettling 'thumping' noise resonates through your vehicle. To make matters worse, your vehicle lurches uncomfortably. This hiccup can not only be annoying but also poses a threat to your driving experience.

A valued customer recently approached Abbotts Auto Care with precisely this issue in their Subaru Forester 2008. They wanted to put an end to the mysterious 'thumping' noise and regain control of their U-turns.

The Sherlock Holmes of Car Mechanics

Our team of skilled mechanics at Abbotts Auto Care embarked on a mission to identify the source of this discomforting noise and lurching sensation. After thorough inspection and diagnostics, we pinpointed the troublemaker – the centre differential lock unit in the gearbox.

The Remedy: Replacing with Genuine Subaru Excellence

With the root cause identified, we quickly got to work. The next step was to remove the tail shaft and the gearbox extension housing. In its place, we installed a brand new, genuine Subaru centre differential locking unit. A test drive following this intervention confirmed what we had hoped for: the problem was solved.

Why Regular Servicing Matters

This story underscores a fundamental principle: regular servicing is your shield against unexpected automotive disruptions. It enables you to detect and resolve potential problems before they snowball into major issues that disrupt your journey.

In the case of our Subaru Forester owner, regular servicing ensured that the U-turns were once again smooth and free of 'thumps.' We're proud to say that Abbotts Auto Care isn't just about fixing cars; we're about enhancing your driving experience.

So, remember, routine servicing is your ticket to a carefree ride, and it's your key to saving money on unexpected repairs. At Abbotts Auto Care, we've got your back on the road to a smoother journey.