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Brake System Service

The brake system of motor vehicles needs to be properly maintained to ensure effective safe braking.

Brake fluid plays a vital role in the safety of the system and is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air, degrades the quality and needs to be regularly changed in accordance with the vehicle manufactures recommendations.

Many brake problems can be traced to moisture in the hydraulic fluid and will corrode all metal brake components. Signs of moisture in the brake fluid are a noticeable decrease in brake performance and a ‘spongy’ pedal that quickly goes to the floor as air compresses easier than fluid. As little as 3% moisture can decrease a fluids performance by 30%.

Anti – Lock brake systems are especially affected by moisture because they cycle as many as 20 times per second under braking. Again a ‘spongy’ pedal is a sign of moisture in the brake fluid. Depending on temperature fluctuations and humidity brake fluid can absorb as much as 3% moisture in 12 months.


So for safer braking regular servicing of brake fluid is essential.

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