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Purchasing Tyres
Cheap Tyres Can Be Dangerous

Purchasing new tyres used to be easy, you had a choice, expensive premium top of the range good hard wearing or mid range priced tyres with average wear most of which were made in Australia. Now it is Buyer beware, you get what you pay for. Tyres are now made all over the world and with the cheaper tyres made in countries that have very poor quality control and manufacturing standards that require them to be manufactured as cheaply as possible. Many of these tyres are not suited for our very hot summer road temperatures. Before purchasing new tyres you should consider the type of driving you will be using the tyre for. Cheap tyres will not be suitable for example, driving to Brisbane every day at 110 km. Heat will build up in the tyre and it will go out of shape showing wear very quickly. This off course will result in a shorter life for the cheaper tyre.

PREMIUM TYRES – Will have full tread depth, great for extended highway running or towing plus good road handling, and give a long safe life. They will stop safely during any emergency in both wet & dry conditions. Even though they cost more they are an excellent investment for long-term value for money.

MID RANGE TYRES – Mid range priced tyres are more suitable for light highway and around town use. Depending on the brand they can good value where the budget is tight.

CHEAP TYRES – Basically you get what you pay for! Where possible if the budget allows they should be avoided. Some brands have less tread depth than others and they can wear out very quickly on certain cars. Many tyre suppliers find them hard to balance and this could also considerably shorten the life of the tyre. The biggest danger is due to the rubber compound and tread pattern.


In fact under severe braking they can take you in any direction other than where you want to go, and are extremely dangerous to drive on.

Should you require more information on tyre selection for your particular vehicle, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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