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Engine Oil

Several customers have expressed concern about a recent story on Channel 7 “Today Tonight” that suggested many workshops are using recycled engine oil when they service vehicles. We are pleased to say we are NOT one of them.

For the past ten years we have used exclusively PENRITE* oils, because of their superior quality and technical backup.

PENRITE* oil is one of the highest quality products on the market and over the years has proven to give maximum engine protection in our extreme climate.

One of our customers has, in fact, done over 900,000km in a Toyota Camry without any engine repairs because of the superior quality of PENRITE* oil.

We always receive the new PENRITE* catalogues with all the new oils for up to date vehicle models, as there are many new oils for the new generation of engines that meet new pollution requirements.

Should you have any further concerns please give us a call.

*PENRITE oil meets and exceeds all current Australian Standards.

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